Create a home that’s all You without spending a fortune!


How can you create a home that feels like … well, like “home”?

That place that you love to come back to every evening after a long day at work …

Where you truly feel safe and comfortable, and you can really relax and unwind …

Where your friends and family love to hang out…

A place that makes you feel peaceful, calm, confident, and proud…

Would you love to transform your home into a calm and comfortable oasis that fits you like a cozy sweater – without spending a ton of money?

There are simple solutions for making every room in your house not only look good, but work good as well.

As a busy single working mom, I needed a home that’s easy to keep up with kids, dogs, and cats. My home needed to be comfortable, inviting, and easy to keep clean.

I couldn’t be worried about every bit of sand, dirt, and snow that was going to be tracked in. The house had to be able to withstand real life, and still look good.

And I needed to be able to do the work myself.

Sound like a tall order? 

new-perfect-fit-coverPerfect Fit Decorating – will help you make your home a perfect fit, no matter how limited your budget is. You’ll discover –

  • How to design a floor plan that works for you so you’re not tripping over things

  • How to pick the perfect color scheme for your individual taste

  • How to decorate in a way that makes sense for your individual lifestyle – especially if you don’t want to spend all your free time cleaning…

  • How to pick the right carpet for your situation so it doesn’t always look dirty

  • Things people forget to consider when buying tables

  • Tips for sprucing up what you already have if you can’t afford to buy new right now

  • Make it easy for your kids to keep their room clean

  • Storage solutions to make the most of the space you have and organize your life.
  • And much, much more!

Here’s a recent project I did for a friend –

From Party Room To Dumping Ground To a Real Dining Room

Dining Room B4 and afterThe room had gone from a party room for his 2 sons, compete with people hanging on the curtain rods – to a dumping ground.

There wasn’t much of a budget to work with. The furniture and carpeting had to stay. And he likes burgundy. It turned out pretty good, don’t you think?

You’ll find more examples in the ebook.

New carpet is expensive. There just wasn’t money in his budget to replace it. That’s why I’ve Included How to Clean Your Carpets Like a Pro.

Sometimes a good cleaning will make your carpets look a whole lot better and you can get a few more years out of it. This report was written by a professional carpet cleaner and it will help you revive your carpet.

Repairing Body Slams

There were a couple of spots in the walls that looked like people were body slammed. That and curtain rods that were pulled out of the walls. There was quite a bit of patching up to do. So, I’ve also included Drywall Basics just in case you might need it too.

I’m willing to bet that your walls are not perfectly smooth. For a really beautiful paint job, you’ll want the smoothest walls possible. You might have nail holes, nail pops, cracks, painted over bad spackle jobs, maybe even holes or water damage. I’ve included Drywall Basics to help you get a great foundation for your decorating.

Everyone Needs a Home Base

Your home should be a retreat. A place you go to recharge when you feel overwhelmed. Its the place that supports and nurtures you and your family.

It should be a place that reflects you and your personality. A place you love to come home to.

Make your home a perfect fit.

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